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It's me !!  Clemence Audiard, an intriguing figure from France.  Ready to be discovered by you ! 😘 😘

I adore my jobs who allows me to  keep my mind sharp and my body in top shape. But there's so much more to me than that! In my spare time, I dive into the world of triathlons 🏊 ♀️🚴 ♀️🏃 ♀️  where I push my physical limits. 
And yet i also enjoy  quiet moments in the middle of nature 🌿, yoga, walks...  

Music is my eternal companion 🎵,
As I traverse ✈️🌍 the world, I embrace new cultures and let myself be guided by my spiritual journey
I am still learning English so excuse me if it is not perfect , and i speak french too !
Let's live an enchanting adventure together, where seduction, passion and cultural discoveries come together in our captivating story. 😍🌟

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