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Hi everybody! I'm that Canadian nerdy girl-next door that you've heard about!!

Yes, I am a complete nympho, and yes, I like being watched. And I'm not ashamed about either of those. I have been filming my sexual adventures since I turned 18 and I love it when people watch and cum to my content!!

I am Canadian, which means I'm polite, and ask you to be polite too. I'm nerdy, which means I blaze and play video games, play D&D, and will do a movie marathon of any kind with you.

I'm artistic and my only goal in life is to get my graphic novels that I'm working on published. I dabble in a variety of mediums such as drawing, videography and yes, even Lego!

For my sexual side, I am bisexual, and I like playing with everyone, of every age, of every background. I film amateur porn out of my play room and I host sexy events as well. I have hosted munches, parties, orgies and will even rent out my room for people to play in. 

If you like watching public sex, group sex, girl on girl, cosplay and roleplay videos, you are going to LOVE my videos and photos on my website. On top of that I have blog posts, erotica, events and live events and much, much more!

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