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Trans girl/Femboy, thats me. In all honesty I consider myself Non-Binary
I love my body and showing it off, Taking erotic pictures and sexy videos
for others to look at. I'm a Small Bi-Sexual, Anime loving weeb.

Social Media account.
My SC is where i post all my nudes and short videos (Yes these are R18+)
first, Anything on my Tumblr or anywhere else generally gets seen on My Social Media account before anywhere else. You can message me but don't expect me to be ok with talking dirty.

Pornhub is just a thing. Im basically planning on posting snippets or previews of my sexy times there instead of my ManyVids.

This is my main platform for doing anything involving my body, Its where im active and where i blog(Obviously it's Tumblr) This is My Natela spread. you'll have the highest chance of being interacted with via tumblr because it's less direct for me (PM's disabled).

This be the place I want to put my more lengthy videos y'know 1min+ ones you could probably get off to if that's The science you're into.

Wishlist is pretty straight forward.