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Hello! Mommy and Daddy are back and we are ready to play!
We are a fun loving, kinky couple who likes to have the whole world watch us!
Addicted to each other and open minded, we will try most things once, and the probably again!

I have a personal Social Media account, Kik, MANYVIDS, and Chaturbate. I also have an Instagram and a Facebook if you're interested.I keep my Amazon Wishlist updated all the time. I will only give out my personal phone number to regular people! I just don't feel comfortable with it, I'm sorry. I hope you understand!
I love to shop online and I have NO problem telling you what I'm spending my money on! Honestly you'll probably see it in my Social Media account story anyway. Mommy LOVES to look pretty! She likes makeup (animal cruelty-free, of course), beauty products and shoes. But Mommy really lives for that short skirt and t-shirt look with the heeled boots any day of the week; any season!
*I absolutely love to please! I LOVE to feel wanted and I am a total attention whore. If you have any kinks, outfits or situation that you desire, then just speak up and ask! I won't bite! I only ask that you purchase the outfit or what have you if I do not already have it already! It's only polite.

Mommy loves to take pictures and videos! She also would love for someone to start buying her panties! She's never had someone do it before and she loves the idea of it! Mommy has a lot more kink than most realize, but you'll just have to stick around to find out!

Mommy is currently kick-starting her ceramic business and is climbing up the tower to becoming a talented, sex fiend, successful business woman. I want your help along the way! I'll be more than happy to talk to business owners and house flippers any day of the week! Sometimes, you'll start making me feel froggy if you help me out in more than one way... If you know what I mean. ;D

Mommy LOVES to dress up! Daddy LOVES to dress Mommy up! Roleplay, cosplay, and just lingerie, and sometimes just a super sexy mini-skirt with a button up shirt and something to surprise Daddy underneath. Daddy goes to work everyday in a skinny tie and a button down shirt and Mommy can't keep herself together when Daddy gets home.

Mommy is only 19 years old but she knows what she wants. She's super into cuckolds! Oh, yes! A 19 year old sexual deviant. Just what the world needed, but little did you know, it really does! She is also interested in gangbangs and 3-ways! Mommy is very into other girls. Mommy keeps talking about how she wants a Little to come live in the house with us while the cuck lives in a dungeon in the basement!! Mommy is wild but Daddy is right up there too! Daddy is 30 years old! Plenty of time on Mommy and plenty of MAN for Mommy! Daddy encourages and demands Mommy to explore her sexual nature. Daddy plays a part in revving her up all the time. Mommy and Daddy are truly a power couple!

One thing I will say, is that money isn't a super big deal. Daddy makes enough money to support Mommy. But Mommy likes this lifestyle and so does Daddy. We don't need this to survive, just to make helly cash on the side, the legal way! ;)

420 friendly and willing to possibly meet given distance and compatibility! Daddy is the final say-so. What Daddy says, goes! Daddy will not tolerate rude behavior or sketchiness! He will not hesitate to cut you off and block you.

We are really just sweet, kinky people who like to over-exploit themselves because they think it's fun and hot! No, not your average pair of lovers, but I think that's because we are secretly the same person.

Thank you for looking through my profile! I know it's long! You're awesome!
Happy holidays!